New Year’s Detox Program

Unpacking my five-day Paleta Cleanse

It seems everywhere you turn today, you can’t escape a juice store and the promise of “detoxing” or “cleansing.” But when I tried the Green Dream, the only commercial green juice I’ve actually enjoyed the taste of, I wanted to learn more about Paleta, the meal and juice delivery company …

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Mindful Intentions from Miraval

Mindful Intentions, the latest book release from destination spa Miraval, pairs inspirational words from Miraval masters with the stunning nature photography of Louie Schwartzberg to create a coffee table book to inspire readers daily to live in the present. A mindful intention is a word, phrase or sentence that helps …

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MIraval Brings Mindful Living to the Masses

Miraval Releases Mindful Living

Anyone who has ever experienced Miraval knows about its focus on mind, body and spirit.  The concept may sound esoteric, but at Miraval the people, classes and physical atmosphere make you instinctively understand. Next month, Miraval releases Mindful Living, a book designed to bring the Miraval philosophy to bibliophiles everywhere.  …

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