Chiva Som Introduces Five New Retreats

Chiva Som introduces Five New Retreats

Chiva Som

Several years ago I had the privilege of experiencing Chiva Som, one of the top destination spas in the world. Chiva Som’s programing is centered on themed retreats, and for 2016, Chiva Som introduces five new retreats.

These new programs are  even more specialized and oriented towards the individual goals of guests and to aid specific health issues such as cancer, migraines, stress, high blood pressure and weight. All of these retreats require a minimum 10 days stay.

Cell Vitality Retreat

This retreat has been carefully created to support guests who have recovered or are in remission from cancer. Developed and crafted by wellness experts for each guest to help regain appetite through dedicated dietary plans, stimulate physical and mental wellness and promote cellular health.

Cranial Relief Retreat

The Cranial Relief retreat is crafted for guests who suffer from migraines and life disrupting headaches. Combining holistic and physiotherapy treatments, guests will discover how to regain stability through meditation, specific exercises that promote cranio-facial muscle relaxation and a special dietary plan of fresh, organic and nutrient-rich foods.

Emotional Wellbeing Retreat

Master the ability to control your stress, mood and overall wellbeing with the Emotional Wellbeing retreat. Created for guests who feel over-stressed or lack energy, this retreat is designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. A holistic approach will guide on a journey including: acupuncture, mind and body therapy, healthy eating, regular fitness and a stable sleeping pattern.Chiva Som introduces five new retreats

Tension Release Retreat

Escape tension-causing routines and release guest’s mind and body to discover true inner peace. Tension Release retreat is carefully designed to help guests who suffer from high blood pressure to regain a restorative balance in life. Through nutritional consultation, guests will discover the simple steps to controlling salt intake, maintaining a healthy weight and the appropriate use of dietary supplements that can help support cardiovascular health. Furthermore, the personalized fitness activities can enhance the energy and reduce weakness and fatigue, providing with a complete path towards tension release.

Sustainable Slimming

Effectively lose weight and begin a journey towards a healthier lifestyle with Chiva-Som’s Sustainable Slimming retreat. Begin with a comprehensive program of physical activities to help guests to lose weight in a controlled and healthy manner, Chiva-Som culinary team will support guests with nutrient rich cuisine, and the physiotherapists will guide towards correct posture and increased flexibility. Upon completion guests will be equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge and a sense of empowerment to sustain optimal weight going forward.Chiva Som introduces five new retreats

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