New Year’s Detox Program

It seems everywhere you turn today, you can’t escape a juice store and the promise of “detoxing” or “cleansing.” But when I tried the Green Dream, the only commercial green juice I’ve actually enjoyed the taste of, I wanted to learn more about Paleta, the meal and juice delivery company behind it in time for everyone looking for a New Year’s detox program.

New Year's Detox Program

Unpacking my five-day Paleta Cleanse


Created by Kelly Boyer, a fellow certified health coach, Paleta offers juice, food and detox packages delivered to your door. Justin Timberlake, Jeremey Piven, and Jessica Biel are among the many celebs that are clients.


Boyer is a Cordon Bleu trained chef who beat an aggressive form of ovarian cancer at age 21, partly through the power of clean nutrition.


I recently tried five days of the Purify Cleanse, a gluten and soy free non-GMO vegan (that’s a mouthful!) program. The food was delivered to my doorstep in a big cooler bag and included:


-Healthy Snacks
– Fresh Plant Based Entrees
– PALETA BPA-Free Shaker Bottle
– Organic Flavor Packets for Variety
– Detoxifying Herbal Teas


The program eliminates potentially allergenic or heavily processed foods that may impair your body’s natural ability to detoxify and replaces them with low-allergy-potential “clean” foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. The diet is free of gluten, soy, corn, dairy, animal products, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, and sugar. It makes it very easy for anyone who is trying a food elimination diet to determine if they have food allergies.


The main foundation of the program are shakes with the Purify Cleanse protein formula. I have to admit, I didn’t enjoy the shakes as much as ones with my normal Vegan protein powder. Prepared straight up, I didn’t like the taste so I tried mixing in some of the fruit purees that were included in the food items or adding spices like ginger and cinnamon and stevia which helped.

New Year's Detox Program

Purify Cleanse protein shake


My favorite part of the program are dinners like herb roasted Italian squash with a brown rice risotto or lentil rice patty with salsa and broccolini. Personally, I prefer to eat food rather than drink shakes because psychologically I just don’t feel satiated from sipping my calories (other than wine!)

'm nuts about the hot chocolate nuts!

I’m nuts about the hot chocolate nuts!

I think the Paleta cleanse is a smarter approach than a strictly juice cleanse for detoxing, but I will admit that my favorite Paleta items weren’t part of this program. I really enjoy their juices and snacks. I’ve traveled with the Power Up Nuts, which are almonds with different flavorings like hot chocolate or spicy chili maple. And my overall favorite product are the energy bars. So many protein bars are marketed as healthy and are anything but; filled with so many sugars and artificial ingredients that you might as well have had a Snickers. The Power Up Energy Bars are all about 150 calories and are gluten-free and Vegan approved. Some of my favorite flavors are the peanut butter cranberry and chai cherry walnut.

Paleta offers a wide variety of clean energy bars.

Paleta offers a wide variety of clean energy bars.

The five-day Paleta cleanse is a great way to undo the damage you did at the end of 2015 and start 2016 Travel Diet ready!

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