The Best Luggage You’ve Never Heard About

As a travel writer, good luggage is imperative because it gets used a lot.  Not only does it have to be durable and stylish, it has to be carry-on sized because I abhor checking bags.

Club Glove TRS Ballistic BronzeTrio

For years I’ve relied on Tumi and Delsey, but Club Glove may have me switching my loyalties.  The first thing I notice when I receive the TRS Ballistic Carry-On, is that the black bag is striking with bronze straps; the second thing is that the bag is longer and narrower than my current bag.  I wonder if I’m going to be able to cram as much stuff into it.  Like my Tumi bags, Club Glove is made with ballistic nylon.  The Club Glove version is a military spec nylon ballistic fabric that affords two times the abrasion resistance and four times the tear resistance than other premium luggage brands.  My initial impression is that the bag is on par with Tumi, but the real test is how it performs, not how it looks.

On my last trip, a three-day cruise, requiring a mix of casual and dressy attire I used the Club Glove Carry-On ($699).  While I am only using the carry-on, the bag is part of the Club Glove Train Reaction System which would allow me to connect the checked-bag, carry-on and even a golf bag together so I could roll them all with just one handle.  The bags all come with three assorted size packing cubes-the secret as to why I could get just as much stuff (if not more) into the Club Glove bag.  Surprisingly, all my clothes fit using just the large packing bag.  I was also pleasantly surprised that arriving at my destination, the dresses weren’t wrinkled.

The narrow size of the bag (22.5Hx12Wx9D) also made it easier to maneuver down tight airplane aisles, and the patented wheel base allowed the bag to roll smoothly and easily.  While in transit several people commented on the attractiveness of the case. 

Overall in its first real-world test the Club Glove Carry-On proved itself to be a worthy alternative to the popular Tumi and will be the bag I’ll be rolling down the aisle on my next trip.

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  1. I just want to say keep it up..You are doing so good job,,,,-)
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  2. You were right, I haven’t heard about this lugagge! 🙂

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